Oct 26, 2022 by Gency Brown

Welcome to my Little Brown Cabin. When I sit down to write, my mind takes me to a cabin on a lake or stream where there is peace and calm that allows the words to flow with purpose or with abandon. Each time is different.

That’s the way I want this blog to be. Anything goes, but always with the atmosphere of friendly collaboration. I’ll share what I’ve learned about writing, and hope you’ll share, too. After all, if I’ve gleaned anything from the mountains of books I’ve read on the subject and many classes I’ve absorbed, writing is a never-ending learning process. Why not learn from each other?

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My debut manuscript is being edited, and a publisher has expressed interest. Wahoo! Of course, that means the waiting game is on, but I’m all in. The working title is ‘A Right Fine Life’ and is about a young man striving to become a country music star. I made it a different story from what we usually hear about drinking, unethical business executives (though they’re in there), and big hair. It has music, conflict, Nashville, and family.

My current work-in-progress sits now at over 40,000 words and quite a different story line. Lots still to do there. More about that in the days ahead.

You’ll find that writing is only one side of me, and now fills the work area of my brain since retirement from the corporate world. I love music, crafts, sports, fishing, and movies. I’ll be talking about those, too, as I share my world. Come on in and stay awhile.