Nov 03, 2023 by Gency Brown

Welcome to my Little Brown Cabin, where I am resting after an extended vacation. Since my book is now available for pre-sale, I thought I would share more about the story and characters. Here’s a scene that shows how difficult Randy found life to be after arriving in Nashville.



The next day, Randy’s agent, Rick, introduced him to a few of the many recording labels and publishers in Nashville. Rick showed himself to be a good representative.

 “Jerry, I’m telling you, this guy is going to be hot. Some of the best lyrics I’ve heard since Dean Dillon. You need to get in on the front of his career. Randy, give him your CD.”

The bald-headed publishing executive shuffled his unlit cigar to one side of his mouth and pointed at the CD. “So, are you going to sing or write?”

Rick jumped in. “Oh, he’s a singer for sure, but if you want him as a staff writer, he’ll be a good one.”

The man glared at Rick, removed the cigar, and laid the CD on his desk. “Does he talk, too?”

Randy took over. “Yes sir. I enjoy the writing. I started as a kid. I can’t deny I’d like to make it as a singer but, I think when I do, it would be good to have a relationship with a good publisher already in place.”

The man grinned at the boldness of Randy’s answer. He stretched back into his chair. “Well, how about you sing one or two of these songs you’re so proud of?”

After listening to a couple of Randy’s favorites, the busy man praised the work but didn’t offer more than advice. “Look, young man, where’d you say you’re from? California? Yeah, you might have something, but I can’t use you right now.”

Rick tried again. “Listen, he’s for sure to be picked up by somebody. You don’t want to miss out.”

“Rick, you’ve been at this long enough to know he’s not quite ready. Yeah, I like what I heard, but to tell you the truth, I don’t think he’s right for us. We’re moving away from some of the old, classic country sound. These kids nowadays are bringing in something new.” He peered back at Randy. “Get some experience here in town. Take it all in and see what’s working out there. You’ll be okay.”

As they returned to Rick’s car, Randy let his frustration out. “This is the fourth place we’ve been today. Rick, this is harder than I thought it would be.”

 “Patience, my boy, patience. The important thing right now is these guys are hearing you. Listen to what they’re saying. I invited them all to your show next week at Legends. One night, one of them will walk in and hear something to spark their imagination. You keep making the rounds. I’ve got you set up to meet with Nancy over at RCA as soon as you get back from your trip to California. Patience.”



I was in Nashville last weekend and there were hundreds of young artists performing in bars and venues across the city. The lower Broadway area of downtown was loud and crowded with listeners hoping to discover that next big star. Most venues are open from nine or ten in the morning and don’t stop the music until three am. Still the competition to play is fierce.

For an aspiring singer/songwriter to find success, it seems luck must play a big part. In my novel, you’ll read how Randy fights the battle.

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