Nov 16, 2023 by Gency Brown

This time in the Little Brown Cabin, we discuss collaboration. Currently, a buzzword often heard around the writing community. It makes sense when we authors are pretty much on our own to promote our work. Why not share the load? Webster defines collaboration as, to work jointly with others or together, especially in an intellectual endeavor.

Think of it this way. I’ll review your book, if you’ll do the same for mine. You can be a guest on my podcast, then I’ll take part in your blog. Maybe we share the expense of a table at a book festival or conference. There are many ways we can support each other.

One of my favorites is to attend a book reading/signing for an author friend. For me, it’s always uplifting to look out at the audience and see a familiar face. I believe it is the same for most. So, you’ve heard them read the same passages before? So what? A few minutes of support can mean the world to them and their artistic journey. Perhaps after, they will ask for your critique and you can let them know how their presentation has improved. You might also learn techniques to enhance your own events.

Most newspapers, bookstores, libraries, community centers, and universities publish calendars full of events which often feature your fellow writers. Even though an author may be unknown to you, try them.

It’s not like the old days when publishers set up book tours for the author or took out ads in major publications. Most times, it’s just us, folks. Find one writer or maybe a group or organization you can work with. Make things happen for you and someone else.

Thanks for stopping by. I want to share some exciting news about my novel, A Right Fine Life. It is now available for pre-order at all the usual outlets as listed on my website. Also, I received the first shipment of promotional copies of the printed book. A dream come true for this first-time author.

Now, the actual work begins. Promotion!

Until next time, keep reading, writing, and just being creative.