Season's Greetings

Dec 06, 2023 by Gency Brown

Seasons greetings friends. Have you been out fighting traffic and holiday shoppers searching for just the right gift? Never fear. I’m here to help. The one thing you can find in everyone’s size is, that’s right, a book. Oh, and don’t forget, so you can support your favorite independent bookstore.

If the western genre fits someone on your list, don’t miss the Jared Delaney Series by Jim Jones. Written with the hard fighting grit you expect from a man of the west and yet the character of a man you cheer for. The complete series includes Rustler’s Moon, currently being shopped as a screenplay, Colorado Moon, Waning Moon, and Halo Moon which is a recent winner of a New Mexico-Arizona Book Award. See others at


E. Joe Browns’ A Cowboy’s Destiny is the first in the Kelly Can Saga which takes the reader on a rollicking ride across the prairie. As Charlie Kelly strives to be a top hand on the famed 101 Ranch in Oklahoma, the reader learns he’s not just a cowboy. He has a mind for business and has an eye for a beautiful woman who becomes his life partner and cohort in future adventures. The series is a sprawling family saga with numerous volumes promised. The second releases in January 2024.

”All she wanted was a gold band. What she got was a tin star.” And now author Melody Groves has given Maud Overstreet her own series. When nobody else wanted the job, Maud accepted the challenge and the reader gets a romp through the West many thought a woman could never offer. This writer and current President of Western Writers of America never allows a dull moment with this one as you read from one adventure to another.

In Daisy Jones & The Six Taylor Jenkins Reid immerses the reader in the early rock music scene. With success, failure, and a good dose of romance, we live and travel with the band. The structure of the book is interesting but didn’t keep me from wanting more. The book was later made into a Netflix limited series which was equally good, but I’m glad I read the book first.


Lynn C. Miller has collected a volume full of her best short stories in The Lost Archive. The variety keeps you reading and wondering how the next one could possibly top the last. Lynn is co-founder of Bosque Press in Albuquerque and a master of lyrical prose.

Indelible Ink is Big top carnival acts, a struggling family, and a damaged veteran, all fighting the battle we call life. This, a second novel from Juni Fisher, transports the reader to the world she has researched and detailed clearly. Her lyrical prose spiced by the language of the perceived underbelly of society keeps the reader turning the page. True heartache and joy come through from an author capable of introducing us to real humans.

Bolo The Brave, True Friend is book two in a children’s series from Jim Jones who we met earlier. The series follows young Charlie and his dog Bolo as they learn about life and how to handle challenges. Perfect for the younger set in today s’ world.



For the even younger set, I find Barbara Alts’ Roses’ Adventures Series delightful. Each book is filled with colorful photos of what a balloon named Rose sees as she flies through the air. In her travels she makes friends with Lily (book II) and Violet (book III) who take kids on adventures to learn about colors, animals, and locations around the world and more.   


You may have seen the movie already but don’t miss the book. David Gann has done an amazing job of researching this story and putting it down eloquently. While it is non-fiction, it reads like the most exciting and suspenseful murder mystery ever.


 Bring The Night is book III in J.R.Sanders’ Nate Ross series about an LA private eye reminiscent of all your favorite gum shoes from the days of film noir. I immediately think of Raymond Chandlers’ Phillip Marlowe but Nate has his own fresh style and quirks. I’ve known J.R. mostly for non-fiction and I find this set a masterful change for an accomplished author. Get them all.

More Horses Than Cars is a memoir from author Lynda Miller. As you read about a young girl of the fifties traversing the complexities of life with her father and favorite horses by her side, you can’t help but learn yourself. How animal friends, and horses especially, can teach us how to live among all living creatures. Even human beings. Take this gentle, honest ride with Lynda, co-founder of Bosque Press in Albuquerque. 
More Horses Than Cars: A memoir (


Of course, a shameless plug for my own book. This one won’t ship until its’ release date 1/3/2024, but consider it like giving a gift card. You tell them you got them something and they get it later. Right? Preorder is available now at all the usual outlets which are listed on my website. Check it out and Happy Holiday Shopping!



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