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A Right Fine Life-Available Now!!
SKU: 978-1-5092-5179-7

California-born Randy Walters dreams of Country Music stardom. After years of struggling in the harsh world of the music business in Nashville, TN, and a love interest gone bad, success finally comes.  Through it all, he battles guilt over deserting his widowed mother and small son. All the accolades and awards can't fill his need for the closeness of family and comforts of home. How can he have it all?

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Sister is the story of a young woman who learns to honor her responsibilities to everyone else by following her own dreams.
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Ladies of the Quilt

Ladies Of The Quilt is a work of fiction which grew out of actual experiences in the author's life. 
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ABQ InPrint 7 Playing With What is Real
SKU: 978-1-7329891-8-4

From Lynn C. Miller, Prose Editor
Inventive, magical, risk-taking are just a few words that describe the marvelous poems, prose and images inside this issue as our writers and visual artists delve into the theme of Playing with What is Real.  So pull up a chair, sit under a tree, collapse on the couch magazine in hand and enter into...what? You decide.
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