Feb 08, 2023 by Gency Brown

It’s celebration time here at the cabin. I signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press to publish my debut novel. I wish I could say it will be available right away, but as things go in the book world, it takes time. The contract says after I submit the final galley, they will release it within twelve months. That’s actually good. Some publishers are saying twelve to eighteen months and some as much as twenty-four. The work has begun on cover art and there will be a round of editing, I’m sure. I’ve met the editor I will work with, and this should be a good collaboration.

The story line is of a young man from California who strives to be a country music star. It’s a rough road to travel, but he makes it, only to find family and home mean just as much to him. How can he have it all? The working title is A Right Fine Life, though the publisher has final say on title and cover art. At least they have asked for my input on both.

It has been a journey and I’m proud to see it come to publication. If I were to give first-time authors any advice, it would be patience and perseverance. The publishing world moves at a slow pace. It can be discouraging if you submit a manuscript and haven’t heard back for an extended time. Read carefully the submission guidelines which will oft times tell the timeframe for their response. Having waited for the appropriate time, don’t fear contacting them with a polite inquiry about your submission. That worked for me.

I highly recommend you augment your cold call, online type submissions with in person pitches. At most writers’ conferences, you can pitch your work to editors, agents, and other industry folks brought in for the event. That’s where I met the editor that will work with me at The Wild Rose Press. Before we met,  I researched her and the company in preparation. We hit it off that day and she asked to read the entire manuscript. She liked it and has been in my corner for getting this done.

This is a short blog as I need to get back to filling out forms and working toward publication. And don’t forget I have the second novel in the works, too. Please sign up for my occasional emails of news and fun around my debut novel. Follow me on Facebook and tell your friends. Thank you and see you soon.